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A true interface between facility and pharmacy

ALMSA is pleased to announce our new eMAR interface solution for LTC Pharmacies. ALMSA's cutting-edge eMAR solution builds on ALMSA's proven clinical and assessment packages to facilitate seamless communication between pharmacies and facilities. Since 2001, ALMSA has been a leader in LTC software management solutions, specializing in delivering real-time data and enhancing communication throughout the care process.

The ALMSA eMAR package allows your pharmacy a variety of enhancements:

  • Marketing Differentiation
    • With ALMSA you can feel confident that you are offering the best eMAR solution available for LTC facilities available today. The ALMSA clinical package is the most advanced in the industry and was designed by LTC industry professionals to address the specific needs a LTC facility faces. Since 2001, ALMSA has been successfully adopted by hundreds of LTC organizations across the United States.
    • The ALMSA platform allows your organization the flexibility to adapt to each of your client communities' needs.
  • Increase customer loyalty and retention
    • ALMSA's clinical eMAR system provides the opportunity to enhance your relationship with your customer by gaining 24/7/365 access to real-time facility data.
    • Pharmacy staff gain immediate access to face sheet, medication, allergy, dietary, and other important information through the ALMSA pharmacy interface.
  • Increased revenues per customer
    • Expenses and inefficiences associated with paper MARs and TARs are eliminated. ALMSA-enabled communities have no need for monthly paper records.
    • Elimination of redundant communications and immediate access to client care changes result less staff time spent addressing communication failures - better communication means better margins per client.
  • Easy to implement
    • With the ALMSA platform, you get the industry's most cost effective, lowest barrier-to-entry eMAR and clinical system available. ALMSA runs on any computer capable of supporting today's newer web browsers and does not require any additional hardware to be installed within the facility.
  • Enhance facility communications and eliminate common distribution errors
    • With ALMSA's innovative messaging system, time-consuming fax transfers and miscommunications between varying staff shifts are a thing of the past. Pharmacy staff can immediately and verifiably communicate with any facility staff member.
    • Real-time census data is always available so unneeded medication quantities are never sent.
  • Integration with major pharmacy software systems available!

Contact an ALMSA representative today to learn more about the ALMSA eMAR by emailing or calling ALMSA toll-free at (844) 330-3111.


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