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ALMSA's secure, web-based assisted living software and long term care software platform is specifically designed connect community staff, health care providers, and even family members! Our software enhances revenue, while making community management for large or small companies easy. Anyone can learn the ALMSA system in a very short time - even staff members with no prior computer experience. The result is an affordable, efficient, user friendly program that offers consistent and legible information instantly!

ALMSA can help you resolve community issues in real-time from anywhere. There are no more paper files to locate, no misfiled paperwork, no sticky notes that someone forgot to give to the next shift, and no missing documents. Change can be difficult, but ALMSA makes switching from time-consuming paperwork easy!

Our service packages include:

assessment and financials
  • Assessment, Care Plan, Care Tasking, & Financials

    • Reclaim lost revenue, assign staffing tasks, and keep track of resident care with ALMSA's customizable Assessment & Care Plan
    • Track invoices and accounts receivable with ALMSA's powerful Financials
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  • eMAR

    • Chart medications and interact with pharmacies with the industry's most advanced eMAR
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clinicals and risk
  • Clinicals & Risk

    • Reduce nursing hours and staff turnover with advanced incident reporting, wound tracking, progress notes, and more
    • Ensure nursing best practices to mitigate risk liabilities
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